Varsity tennis defeats Cedar Park

Tennis VarsityThe Dripping Springs tennis team has yet another victory under their belt with this win against Cedar Park on Tuesday, September 4th. After defeating the Timberwolves, with a final score of 10­4, the Tigers have finally come out of their slump.

“It felt good because we’ve been losing, but now we won,” said junior Carly Higgerson.

This match was predicted to be an easy win for the varsity team, but it definitely has raised the spirit and confidence of the entire tennis organization.

“It means we’re good,” Higgerson said.

And they can now live up to the exceptionally high personal standards that they have imposed on themselves. These standards have allowed each Tiger player to give their all every match and live up to the goals that have been set.

“I expected myself to play as good as I can,” said Higgerson.

With such a difficult district ­ one that includes three state recognized teams ­ it is often very challenging to play with such vigor.

“I think we’re one of the favorites in our district. Cedar Park traditionally is good as well,” Coach Jackson said.

In order for the team to pull out this incredible win against Cedar Park they had to play to the best of their abilities and give each match their all.

“I expected us to play well,” said Jackson.

Although the team played to their strengths against the Timberwolves, there are always things that can be improved upon as the season continues.

“We’re such a young team that the more match play we get, the more experience we get,” said Jackson.

These slight modifications are often given to players, not to discourage them but to better prepare them for the more difficult games that will soon present themselves.

“We’re primarily freshman/ sophomore, so they are getting some invaluable match play as the season goes along,” Jackson said.

Improvement is inevitable and often embraced with open arms, and this is no different for our Dripping Springs tennis team. This team has suffered through a losing streak, that was recently broken with this win, and has boosted the team’s morale overall.

“We had lost a few in a row but they were all against state ranked teams­ much like we are,” said Whittlesey.

A bad mentality for a team can ultimately lead to a very upsetting and sometimes disappointing season. But with very important matches quickly coming up for the Tigers, they can not let these early wins deflate the team’s confidence.

“[this win] kind of re energized us,” Jackson said.

As long as the entire tennis organization, coaches included, can keep a positive mindset there is nothing that can not be accomplished. This mindset will be crucial for the Tigers as they take on the harder teams to come.

“We were able to use some of that experience [when] playing those more experienced teams,” said Jackson.

The Dripping Springs Tiger tennis team are back in action Wednesday, September 11th, and have a well thought out strategy when preparing to face the teams to come.

“We kind of have a scheme in mind, the way we practice and the way we play. So we will just continue to work hard and try and focus on getting better and improving,” Jackson said.

Written by Morgan Gusella

Staff Writer

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