Dripping Springs tiger nation stronger than nationThe gymnasium was warm with the bustling crowd of the entire student body. The hi-steppers and cheerleaders together in two lines with cheers of spirit that drummed through the air with the echo of the drumline. Classes, freshman or senior, it didn’t matter as all collided to give an equal effort of enthusiasm. And as the leaders of Tiger Nation stood at the center of attention and led a chant that outlined what it meant to attend a school that not only highlighted a prestigious education but also an unabridged unity, the feeling of what Tiger Nation that drowned the atmosphere with an intense surge.


Tiger Nation is the spirit group of Dripping Springs High School and strives to bring the school together into one amalgamation. The student leaders of Tiger Nation, Senior Sam Little and Senior Hank Cohen and are supported by Assistant Principal Athena Corby and Counselor Jennifer Foreman along with several other staff members. Tiger Day, the pep rally, and attending all the home games have all been ways that Tiger Nation has gave to uniforming Dripping Springs.

“I think Tiger Nation does have a positive influence on the student body because it gives the students one thing to yell about and get excited about,” Corby said.

The students have showed pride in the school in a numerous of ways from starting clubs that show off the characteristics of a Tiger to supporting their fellow peers with incredible spirit.

“I get pumped when I see the spirit of my peers,” Senior Emme Mora said. “It makes me proud to be a Tiger – rawr!”

The passion of the leaders in guiding the school on the newly paved path of Tiger Nation comes from multiple areas but they all have a common thread, the spirit.

“I’m all about school spirit,” Foreman said.

As the idea of Tiger Nation rose out from wanting to have a more unified community, it makes sense that’s where all the focus is being pinpointed but there are things that they still wish to improve on.

“I want to have more of a variety of people involved,” Mora said. “I feel like everyone thinks you have to be interested in athletics to be apart of Tiger Nation.”

Others also share similar concerns as Mora, they want the students to buy into Tiger Nation. To keep pushing it forward and let it become involved in the culture at Dripping Springs. It’s paramount that the whole student body is able to form under one roof of unity.

Written by Kerry James
Staff Writter