Rylee Matousek
Rylee Matousek: Online Editor

Dress code in public schools has always been a topic of controversy and debate. In recent years, the school has changed several rules that have appealed to as well as disappointed students. While to many the dress code is pretty laid back, there are still some codes that irritate students.

It should be pretty obvious, as long as no unreasonable body parts are falling out of your clothes, you should be allowed to wear whatever you want! Although the school has a dress code in order to prevent any unwanted commotion, some believe the most recent dress code is a bit over the top.

Sagging and offensive t-shirts are not permitted for good reason, but rules like the ones on facial piercings, more specifically nose piercings, need to be revised. Many students have their nose pierced, and I’ve not once been distracted from my studies by the glare off of someone’s diamond stud.

There is also the infamous 1 ½ inch shoulder strap rule, as if staring at another student’s bare shoulder could induce some medical phenomena. Think about all of the cute sundresses and shirts that could have been worn if this rule didn’t exist.

Many of you probably noticed while back to school shopping that it is extremely difficult to find tank tops or dresses with straps wider than an inch and a half. Texas is hot. Please, #FreeTheShoulder.

Another rule that seems to generally be directed towards girls is the “fingertip” length shorts/skirts rule. Personally, I believe this rule to be extremely unfair. Not everyone has a similar body type. For students with very long arms, this makes it even more difficult to abide by the dress code. Even if someone’s pair of shorts don’t fall under the “fingertip” length rule, they should be trusted to have good judgment when deciding whether or not to wear them to school. If our school wishes to assimilate a real-world environment, students should be allowed to wear whatever they like to a reasonable extent.

However, there have been improvements made to the dress code recently, which to most is a step in the right direction. New this year, facial hair has been permitted. This is good news for boys as they can now grow a beard to complement their flow. However, I ask that you please don’t abuse this privilege. If you can grow facial hair, good for you, rock that horseshoe mustache, but a patchy five o’clock shadow is not cute.

Hopefully before long, in addition to goatees, nose piercings will no longer be discriminated against and Nike shorts can once again take their rightful place in every high school girls’ wardrobe.

It seems to me that today, the dress code isn’t there for the students, but rather the teachers, as most students are completely accepting of the fashion selections made by their peers. Dress code shouldn’t have to be more strict than our rules on bullying or even drugs. Wear what you feel comfortable in, but keep it classy, San Diego.

Written by Rylee Matousek
Online Editor