New to DSHS: Homecoming Dance

Seniors Chloe Holmes and Alexa Moreland head the Homecoming Dance
Seniors Chloe Holmes and Alexa Moreland head the Homecoming Dance

Thanks to the Hi-Steppers and their director Tracy Neef, the traditional Homecoming Dance returns to Dripping Springs High School this year! From 8 PM to 12 AM on September 26th, get ready to dance your heart out in the DSHS cafeteria.

“We haven’t had a homecoming dance for about six years,” said Neef. “But the Hi-Steppers felt really strongly about bringing it back for school spirit and to have something that the whole student body can be a part of.”

The Hi-Steppers want our school to have the same experience of a homecoming dance that other high schools have.

“A lot of other schools have a homecoming dance” added Senior Alyssa Gilbert, a member of the Hi-Steppers. “And we are probably the only ones that don’t have one, so we feel that we should probably bring the tradition back.”

After a poll on facebook, which faced five themes up against each other, the “blackout” theme proved victorious by one vote.

“Most of the dance will be in the dark, but we have black lights to accentuate the neon colors,” Neef added. “So everything will glow, we will have glow sticks, sort of a club scene rave. We will have blinking rings and jewelry and stuff like that.”

There will be props, confetti, silly strings, a slow motion booth and a great DJ has already been booked.

“Why not come?” asked Gilbert. “It’ll be fun!”

The party isn’t limited to the cafeteria, though. Student bands will be playing in the amphitheater as well.

“So we have different feel outside than there is inside,” Neef said. “It should give everybody a variety of things to do”.

Be sure to wear a color that reacts with the black lights! But remember to stay appropriate.

“It doesn’t have to be quite as conservative as the school dress code, but they would like everybody to be covered,” Neef explains.

Alyssa Gilbert gives one last piece of advice.

“Just, don’t care! Just have fun. Enjoy it!” she said.

Written by Prune Savelli
Staff writer

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