Fall TV Preview

Jaxson Thornton
Jaxson Thornton: Opinion and Entertainment Editor

Some say we live in the Golden Age of TV. They say that there has never been a time of greater cinematographic achievement, both on the big screen and the home screen. To put in frankly, they’re right!

This Fall we will all be happily glued to our screens once again as the collection of mind blowing new programs and anticipation for the newest seasons of our favorite shows rises. From sitcoms, to thrillers, right back around to variety shows, the Fall TV season is packed with a great lineup of shows.

Let’s start with returning hits: This Fall will see the season premiers of “The Walking Dead” (Season 6, Oct. 11), “Arrow” (Season 4, Oct. 7), “The Flash” (Season 2, Oct. 6), “The League” (Season 7, Sep. 9), “South Park” (Season 19, Sep. 16), “The Big Bang Theory” (Season 9, Sep. 21), “Gotham” (Season 2, Sep. 21), and many more including “The Last Man on Earth”, “Homeland”, “Supernatural”, and last but certainly not least, “Doctor Who”.

While there are many of fantastic shows returning for their next seasons that I would LOVE to talk about for hours, I would like to use this article to speak about the slate of new shows being tossed at us over the next month.

Notable new shows include: “The Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris”, a variety show that we really don’t know a whole lot about! It premieres September 15th, and other than the few teasers we’ve seen that include tons of crazy scenes and pranks and so forth, we’re in the dark!

“The Muppets” returns with a new primetime series on ABC September 22nd. From an unbiased, completely grounded opinion… I am COMPLETELY stoked. This show grasps at the remaining straws of primetime television integrity in a world of dumb crime shows between pointless game shows.

And finally, the grand finally of Fall television that will hopefully be the birth of a new nightly show era, Trevor Noah takes over “The Daily Show” on September 28th. Trevor Noah, the South African host-to-be, has some metaphorically large shoes to fill (Jon Stewart isn’t a big guy…), but Jon Stewart is confident that his chosen proteges will only improve the show’s legacy. Quite frankly, so am I. I have no doubt that Trevor Noah will hit his stride in no time and steal me back from the grasps of Jimmy Fallon’s nightly kingdom.

So there you have it, a Fall filled with a promising new line up and very strong returning schedule. No doubt we will all have some new favorites going into the Spring. Now, who wants to talk about what’s coming in theaters?

Written By Jaxson Thornton
Opinion Editor

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