Cast and crew prepare for upcoming Romeo and Juliet play

Romeo and JulietOn October 29th through November 1st, the Dripping Springs High School Theater department will be performing the famous biennial play: Romeo and Juliet. As their first play of the season, it is sure to impress, with the amount of effort that the staff and actors are putting in.

“Right now we’re doing a lot of table work and reading before we actually get up and start doing the show,” Rachael Koske, head of the theater department, said.

Before starting practice, the cast must study Shakespeare’s language to be able to communicate with one another.

“It takes a little bit longer in the rehearsal process when you’re working with Shakespeare, especially with younger actors who haven’t had as much time with it because the language is more dense,” Koske admits. “It is English. We know that, but it is a little bit more dense because it has so much figurative language, metaphors, and imagery in it.”

The lead roles have been given to Joey Kelley, playing Romeo, and Monica Oliva, playing Juliet.

“I’ve never done Shakespeare before so it’s a lot of new things that are happening,” Oliva said. “But it’s really fun and I’m excited to see what happens and what I’ll learn from it.”

Meanwhile, Kelley uses his past experience and interest in Shakespeare to his advantage. “I’ve done two other Shakespearean shows before,” he said. “Honestly, I feel like those were preparation for this one.”

Everyone plans to work seriously to have the best show possible with a vast variety of contributors, new and old.

“We have great staff in place and great students in place whom are working under them as student designers and student coordinators, and stage managers” Koske said.

Oliva and Kelley accept the overbearing responsibility with courage and determination.

“Once you find out what you’ve gotten yourself into, there’s no turning back. It’s hard, yes, but it’s do-able and it’s been done,” Oliva said.

Written by Nifa Kaniga

Staff Writer

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