Burns: “Tiger Day a success”

IMG_1823Dripping Springs High School had its second annual Tiger Day on August  26, where students participated in lectures throughout the day that reminded them  of the concepts and values that represent DSHS.

High School Principal Joe Burns believes that the second ever Tiger Day accomplished it’s goals.

“I think Tiger Day, overall, was a success,” Burns said.

Even though it went well, they are considering some changes aiming to improve  Tiger Day for next year.

“I think we need to differentiate the lessons for each grade level. Another idea we have is to move the lessons to earlier in the day so students who have off-periods can still hear and participate in the lectures,” explained Burns.

Students like Sophomore Brandon McAlister believe that Tiger Day has an impact on students, but some aspects could be improved.

“I feel like for all the upperclassmen and sophomores, Tiger Day is just drilling old information with a new addition here and there, but overall some of the lessons are a little unnecessary,” he said.

He feels that lessons such as dress code are a little unnecessary and should only be brought up if there were changes made.

“The freshmen should get all the lessons as just one big reminder,” McAlister stated. “But the lessons should narrow down each year to only encompass the new things and then be presented  to the sophomores, juniors, and seniors”

For freshmen like Tucker Sawyer, Tiger Day is a day where students learn the characteristics needed to be successful.

“It’s a day where we focus on the traits of a true Tiger,” he said.

To Sawyer, Tiger Day is a day where the school shows how much they care about everybody and how much they want students to have a beneficial  year.

“It’s like the school reminding us that they care and they want to make it fun for us,” he said.

Some students, like sophomore Kaden Edwards,  want to change the structure of Tiger Day completely.

“I would like to scrap Tiger Day completely because we know the characteristics expected for this school,” he said. “Maybe keep it for all the freshmen, but for everyone else it’s just a waste of a potentially productive school day.”

He believes that it is important that the freshmen hear all the lessons, but not for the other grade levels.

“The other grades [non-freshmen] have already learned these lessons and have been over it too many times to learn anything else,” explained Edwards. “Keep Tiger Day for the freshmen but let the other grade levels go on with their day.”

Burns knows that changes are needed. He and the rest of the school staff will do their best to make these changes for next year.

“Again, we are going through and editing and looking at what we should learn from our shortcomings, but philosophically we believe it is working and we will continue to improve each year,” Burns said.

Written by J.T. Dahill
Staff Writer

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